Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nobody likes you when your dead, that's the story of my life

Sigh.  More new years resolutions?  Yegads.  I suppose we should get this over with. 

You know, I really should write these down when I think about them since I always think of them while I'm out but as soon as I sit down I forget them all.  Cause I'm dumb.  Hmm...since I am sitting here really trying to think, I'll review yesterdays...excercise, food and blogging.  Hmm...

Oh, I got one.  I'm gonna try to pack my lunch more often.  I'm gonna put that one in category #2, the possibly maybe category. Wasn't that boring?  Screw this post, it's boring as eff. 

Maybe I should make a new years resolution to only post quality blogs in 2011. :/

Anyway, here's your music, zombie themed once again.  Gonna try to get a list of accomplishments from this year up either today or tomorrow.


  1. now i feel like making resolutions. so far all i had was "note to self: don't be an idiot" haha.

  2. I think that's the best resolution I've heard. Really.