Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You build it, we break it, it's my red star

Jen and I made pumpkin bread last night.  It tastes supreme and totally like fall.  I'm in love.

So, Boss lady is mad at me for some unknown reason and I just don't care. She hung up on my yesterday because she didn't care to hear what i had to say.  this is where I work.  This is my life.  Oh well.

Did not like my yoga instructor at the gym last night, will find another one.  My mom wants me to check out the yoga lounge in Hudson but it's pretty expensive.  She has a coupon but...  The yoga at the gym was more like a very very low key stretching class.  We would do a pose and then the teacher would sit and talk and we would shake it out instead of going from one pose to another in a nice flow.  It did not feel like yoga.  My instructor told us that she wouldn't touch us or fix our poses or anything because she didn't like to touch people.  Oh well.  I'll find someplace else.

Probably going to start running again.  Tomorrow is Ryan's last day at Bedford, thank goodness.  It's been a long 7 months.

Wanted to go canoeing today but that got dashed.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm gonna be by myself tomorrow, kayaking.  I should bring a ziplock bag and my mp3 player. 

I have been thinking about it lately, I wonder if I didn't invite people over or pester people to do things (insert beg or harrass for pester if you'd like) if people would ever contact me to do anything at all.  I kind of don't think they would.  that makes me sad.  You know what I mean? 

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  1. Awww...You know I'd literally be up your butt every weekend if we were there, if that's any consolation. We constantly have to invite ourselves to things now if no one brings it up to us so that we can be social...which is like 2 times per year.
    Jason's coworker that (his wife) had a baby last year or so is transferring to Google Chicago soon. They have the same story that we do:
    1)Too expensive out here
    2)Haven't made any friends
    3)Cheaper in the midwest
    4)Know more people in the midwest (etc..)

    He was half looking at Chicago positions. I don't think he's serious, because 1)I just started my nice paying job and that would be unfair to me, and 2)There's no good positions open there now. It's mostly sales stuff.

    I told him to let me know when he's really serious about leaving CA, because I would need to prepare. I can find a job easily enough, it would just be difficult (the move).

    Blah...longer than planned. Sorry about no one initiating hanging out. Point being: I know how that feels.

    Love and solitude.