Monday, September 27, 2010

Run home to mommy, I'll get you again tomorrow

So, thank you to the kind AWS employee who left 50 cents in the vending machine.  I got my breakfast supersized oatmeal cream pie for half price today and it's all thanks to you.  I hope this means good things for the day.  I think it bodes well.  Yum.

Second, corn maze was super fun.  We should try to go to another one before the season is out.  Man, my butt still hurts from the bucking broncos, though.  Who went, you ask?  Me, Lil bear (who seemed to really enjoy the whole event), Ry (yes, the party pooper acutally went and had a good time!), double j, and Martinny.  We had a pretty good time.  The weather was almost perfect, too, cloudy and cool.  Nice.  Here's a picture of double j and lil bear goofing around. 

Anyway...back to work.  I dont' think my boss is in today, so it really might be an a'ok day, right?

Oh, and spruced up the bloggy for fall.  Hope you like it.

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