Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leave me alone, I'll be fine until the morning light

So tired today. Asher got sick at JJ's party last night and so we left early. He had bad stomach stuff going on and a rash and I was worried about him so instead of going to haunted houses with my brother (which we weren't supposed to do but OGB, one of my bro's friends, called the vic and he wanted to go and then I told the shig and he seemed to want go) I stayed home.  Partially, too, because Ry was being super whiny about the whole thing as well because it wasn't planned out and he didn't want me to go.  I feel like I'm everyone's mother sometimes.  Also, house was in Canfield (youngstown) and so by the time everything was going on it was late and I had to work today, early as usual. 

So, of course everyone was mad at me last night, as usual.  I just can't seem to make people happy.  I try really hard and I always end up making people mad at me instead. 

My fingernails are too long right now and it makes typing annoying.  I don't know how those ladies with huge fake nails do it.  

Corn mazing it up today as long as the weather holds out (which its supposed to).  I think I've convinced Ry to go, too.  As long as Asher is still feeling better. 

The whole thing considered, last night made me depressed and it's followed me into today.  I hate making people upset.  And I know that the people probably arn't still upset with me but I still feel upset, it's not like a switch I can just turn off, you know?  Oh well.  Get over it. I read someplace that guilt is a selfish emotion.  I am a pretty selfish person, then, if that's true, since I feel guilty over everything for myself and everyone around me. 

Okie.  Next post is more steam punk stuff. 

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