Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Through the years I've carried the pain and loss of my love

So, yeah. 

Going canoing for sure today!  Gonna do about 7 miles if that doesn't sound ridiculous or whatever.  Me and Doug, should be nice. 

So, more about the pill and if you don't want to read on, i totally understand.  So, why I want to stop taking it:  I'm gaining a lot of weight recently (I attribute to the pill), I get headaches every night when i take it.  See, i used to take my multivitamin with it as well and I didn't the last two nights just to see if it was the vitamin or the pill.  it's the pill.  Other girl stuff with the pill that people probably just don't want to hear but i'll just say one word, discharge.  Hmm..oh, and the best, around my lips darkened a little bit so it looks liek I have a nice little mustache.  Not horribly so but enough so I notice.

So why haven't I just stopped taking it?  Cause I'm not sure if it's helping me stay balanced or not.  I don't know what to do and one day I'm sure indecision will be the death of me but until then...

Hm...nothing else of note right now.  Playing DnD tonight and tomorrow.  Going to see Rachel Brown this weekend so that will be nice.  Working overtime on Friday.  Going to Cedar Point on Saturday.  If we can't find a babysitter we will have to take Asher with us, I guess we will see how that goes...My mom is going to a party and ry's mom has her vigil at church, I asked my Aunt Pat and am waiting to hear back from her.  It won't be horrible if we have to take him with us, though.  It'll all work out, even if ry is freaking out.

until tomorrow...

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