Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jump the gun bust a cap in your crown

Good morning.  So....I might have been a little late to work bad.  Overslept.  We didn't get back from Cedar Point until after midnight last night.  My aunt said Asher was good, so that was good but i still felt guilty about not taking him.  It was sooooo crowded that I only rode one ride and went through three haunted houses.  Two were good, one was eh...

So, practically the whole crew was there but none of them met up until I pulled them together.  Ry told me that is because they are not really all friends with eachother and so wouldn't necessarily want to hang out with each other in that kind of situation.  I thought about if I knew the shig's friends or some people like that that i knew but wasn't regular friends with were there if I would have hung out with them.  I still dont' know.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Oh well, we all got together and waited in line for ridiculous amounts of time together.  And had a pretty good time regardless.  I have to admit, the most fun ride i rode was the racing horses with El, Shig and Ry. 

Hmm....It's sunday morning and I don't want to work.  Gah, I'm tired.  Oh well. 

Oh, I forgot to mention NY Rachel was in town for a few days.  Ry and Ash hung out with her on Friday night while I was working and she came over yesterday and hung out in the afternoon before we went to Cedar Point.  It was really nice to see her, i really wish she lived closer.  Oh well.  I think we are going to take a long weekend in NYC in March or April to visit her next year. 

Here is her most recent bike short, she won the film festival with it, it's pretty good.


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