Friday, September 24, 2010

Hands red and cold as the dead, pity they're not pretty like they used to be

So...I lost the papers I was handwriting the vic's campaign.  I'm having a little crisis.  Hopefully I left them at the dutchman but I thought I had them when I left.  Crisis.  Gah.


Lil' bear got vaccinated today.  It always bothers me when people don't vaccinate.  But at the same time I worry if they might be right.  I like science though and so I must place my trust in science, even in pharmacutical companies are just out to make money.  Kids aren't dying of polio or small pox or anything like that anymore because of vaccines so my trust isn't misplaced completely, right?  Other mothers I know do not get vaccines for their children or only get some because of autism or other stuff.  i don't know...I need to do what I think is right for Asher and I think denying him a vaccine that could prevent him from getting some stupid illness is good. 

Okay, enough of that.

Went to make sauerkraut last nigth and pumpa had it done already.  I just had to push it down in the bucket.  But we will be making more, don't you worry.  Put in your orders now if you want some, btw.

Looks like it's gonna be a weird night at work tonight, lots of thunderstorms and changing weather on the horizion.  We will see how it goes. 

I've noticed I get obsessed about things.  I wish I didn't.  I wish I could be more level headed and not get super excited and upset and flustered and happy and all of that when I get obsessed about something.  I feel like get thrown about by my own emotions, difficult to control and harder to reign in.  I guess I wouldn't be me if I didn't.  You know what I mean?  Is this a good thing or a bad thing about me? I don't know.  Maybe both?

Been feeling pretty good since stopping the pill.  Let's hope it stays the same way and I don't get depressed again.  Been eating more healty, too, maybe that will help as well, most of the stuff I read on the topic says eating well helps stave off depression.  Balance the body, balance the mind, right?

Alright, this band was playing at Cedar point when we were there and the shig said I would like it.  the stuff I like, i really like.  the other stuff...well it sucks.  but here you go, family force 5.

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