Friday, September 3, 2010

Not easily offended, time to let it go, from the list to masses

So, I am working overtime today.  And i just dropped my child off in a disgusting pit of super disgustingness.  And I mean, absolute filth and possibly dismemberment.  My dad is renovating the house so there are all sorts of sharp pointy and cutty things all around and open sockets and boards covering holes in the floor and other impliments of construction doom.  Then there are three dogs who pee on everything.  Seriously toys covered in dog urine.  Asked my dad for a clorox wipe and you would have thought i asked him in Japanese.  He said, where do you think you are, the mariott?  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  I cleaned dried on piss and grime with a fucking dishrag.  A DISH RAG.  not to mention the pee on the floor, the grimy everything and oh god, why did i leave my child there for his first horror experience.  Then I was telling my dad things like, oh he just had a nap and please give him this yogurt and blah blah, you know, the  usual and he did not listen and pretty much told me he would do whatever he wanted.  Not to mention that he isn't gonna take him home tonight.  They will drive freaking Eli all the way to Lodi every other weekend but they can't drive my child home one freaking night so he can get to bed before fucking 11 pm?!!!???!?!?!?!??!

Not enough punctuation for how I feel right now in the world. 

Please, higher powers that be, protect my child from electrocution, dismemberment, poisoning, disease and any other ailment that will befall him tonight at my father's house. 

I just have to keep telling myself it's only 8 hours.  Only 8 hours.  If I were the bear I would never forgive me, either.

This post is in the color of the smears on the tile floor at my dad's house.   

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