Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maidenform's patronizing response to me.

Here is the patronizing respone to me from Maidenform Bra Co.  They didn't really read anything in my email to them and sent me back a 30% bribe to content me.  Like I'm that simple (of course, I will probably use it...*shame*) anyway, I just wanted to point out that I lost here.  Not a victory.  Not at all. 

Dear thfidge:

I am very sorry that you were unable to a garment in your size. Please use the link provided to view America's #1 T-Shirt Bra! Our Maidenform® One Fabulous Fit® Tailored Demi Bra This garment is available in a range of fashion colors. We currently have plum and California blue in stock for 36DD. If you would like view our full line of 36DD styles, please use this link¤tPage=0&searchTerm=categoryid%3a1000075%2csize%3a36DD&searchKeyword=36DD&pageSize=999&sortBy=&storeId=10052&catalogId=10550&langId=-1.

We hope to see you on our website and please accept a discount of 30% toward your next order on

Thank you,

Maidenform Customer Service
Contact Information & Hours
Maidenform Customer Service Department:
1-888-888-9328 (Domestic customers)

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