Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cold hands cold dust creepy cold things, do you know exactly what i mean?

I probably got that quote wrong.  Sorry. 

A rainy tuesday morning and if I was feeling unmotivated yesterday, please double that for today.  Oh well, gonna try to make something out of myself today.  I'm not sure what, yet, maybe I'm some type of playdoh and I can be a little pony or spaghetti or fake strawberry ice cream with colorful playdoh sprinkles. 

Today was a morning where I just did not want to get out of bed.  Not at all. 

I took a nice long bath last night and finished the 3rd graphic novel of scott pilgram.  I need to pick up the last 3.  They are pretty faithful with the movie (i should have said that the other way around...)so far, some extra details which are funny and good.  I recommend it. 

So...my dress should be here soon.  I am getting excited.  I think Jen and I are gonna make pumpkin rolls tonight, too!  Yea.  I'm pumped. 

And...just to make today rock a little harder, Dead Rising 2 comes out and it has co-op mode.  Excellent.  I know how I'll be spending my nights after lil bear's in bed. Shooting zombies in the head (in case you were wondering). 

I want to create something.  I want to sing really loud.  I want to make a difference.  I want people to notice if I'm gone. 

Okay. to work. with me. and my mad working. skillz. (wait, do I have those?)


  1. And yeah, i gave myself a 'cool' point. Cause i can. so there.

  2. Mhhmm.. Pumpkin Rolls.. Thanks for making me super hungry. :) And I never played the first dead rising, but I take it you recommend the second one! I love shooting zombies. I bought call of duty just to get zombie mode. Lol