Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And I'll tell you what you get, you get away from me

Good morning, all. 

So, of course I got yelled at but no one else did.  I guess that's just how this place operates. 

Found a really cool alice costume but it's gotta be custom made and it will cost me about $100.00.  But I never acutally spend a lot of money on parties and I love Halloween and this outfit will be awesome. And...I'll probably be alice again for Halloween at some point in the future.  And who knows, Maybe i'll just wear the dress for fun.

Made the first apple pie of the season last night.  Here's a picture of it before I baked it. 

Lets see...heading to Cedar Point this weekend....that will be fun.  I'm gonna try and get a massage tonite, too.

So...I hate my birth control.  Ry thinks I'm being hasty but I think I'm gonna stop taking it.   I'll finish this in a later post...

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