Sunday, August 1, 2010

this joke has gone too far

hello. welcome to my first blog post from my fancy smart phone. I'll probably be spending a few days this week telling all about our awesome california trip and posting pics here and on picassa.

Today we will talk aboub gilroy garlic festival. Boy was that unexpectedly expensive, we were thinking, oh fun a festival with lots of garlic, but then the sheer massivity of the event was overwhelming almost. there were so many people there that we had to be bussed to the event from the parking lot. and of course we got separated from jason, ann and athena because we believed the california dept of transportation's direction signs instead of listening to good old deliahla the gps. never trust the cdot. anyway, we got there, ate lots of garlic food which was pretty awesome, and tried to walk around but it was soooo super crowded. JJ found us a kiddy music show which Athena threw down at. I also got hit on by a clown who said my tattoo was delicate and beautiful. and ry got bit by a really fat chipmunk on his hands. ill post pics of athena dancing later.

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  1. Wow! I don't think I know anyone whose gotten schmoozed by Pennywise. Ryan must have been instigating some how - I had to bite his hand once...hmmm.