Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, alice, you're falling down the rabbit's hole

So, we have internets at work again!  Yeah, i can finally do my freaking job.  Great. 

So, I think I am self destructive.  I need to work on that. is decision day.  Do I start the pill or do I just go on and hope things change?  I just hate to take something that alters me.  I mean, am I still the me I am when I take drugs?  Or am I somebody else?  And do i have any control over it when I am medicated? Iknow this is stupid because it's just birth control but it still does change things and i dunno...I guess I'm just stupid. 

Found vials for the alice party.  One down.  tea cups is a new challenge.  I'm thinking about making either jello or ice cups, suggestions or ideas?  And Project Very Large Mushroom Paper Machete will begin commencement soon. 

I'm thinking earier for my party, too.  Like...I dunno...I'll get back to you.

Well, much to do at work today, talk to you cool cats later.

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