Wednesday, August 25, 2010

every letter that you wrote has found its way to me internet at work means updating on my phone so the spelling, grammar and punctuation/capitalization isn't gonna be very good, its just hard to do on my phone. And that is all I'm gonna mention about work cause I promised yesterday I wouldn't say anything. So...ry ended up going into work again on his day off yesterday. So annoying. Oh well.
Getting ready to mail off goodies to california, yea! who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail. I just have to stop being lazy about it and get it done.

I really wanna go see the birthday massacre at mr. Smalls theatre in pittsburg, its such a cool venue. It used to be a church. I've seen them there before. I'm glad so many of my friends like tbm now, the last time it was just me and the vic travelling to see our fav band. Unfortunately the show is on a Tuesday, I don't think its gonna happen. They don't have cleve dates yet, I really hope they do. Id drive to pittsburg and see them here as well. Cause I love them that much.

I need to find edible tea cups. Anyone have suggestions? also little vials, about 25 or so with little stoppers. And I need it to be kinda cheap...

Well, gotta go study some algae...

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