Thursday, August 19, 2010

No, that's not fair, how can I trust you?

So, interwebs back at work, finally, I can do my job. 

Having some algae problems here at work...can't really talk about it yet.

So, my mom called me last night and asked me kinda meanly why I was acting all depressed on facebook and i didn't really want to talk to her about it when she was making me feel even worse.  Sometimes I don't get how she shows her concern.  Like, I don't want to talk about something that is making me feel bad if you are just gonna be condesending about it, right?

Sigh...Asher is being super clingy mommy's boy, it's kinda getting to me.  The more he does it the less I want to be around him and that makes me feel pretty bad but he is SO demanding. 

I had stuff I wanted to write on here but forgive me, i completely forget what it is now.  I'm tired. 

Girl doctor visit tomorrow, I hate going to those.  At least they are only once a year. 

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