Monday, August 16, 2010

Painting for every face, no correction, just cover up.

I totally had a panic/anxiety attack for no reason at all yesterday. Like, all day.  It sucked majorly.  I just couldn't calm down or control myself.  Maybe I'm bipolar? Maybe I'm just crazy.  I'm feeling better today but I went to bed at 9 last night, I'm hoping it's just from exhaustion.  I've done a lot of staying up late, drinking and other bad girl kinds of things, so maybe it's all just catching up with me.  I'm getting to old to do these kinds of things but if I don't do them now when will I ever? 

My proposal to my superitendent is tomorrow, wish me luck.  I'm working on my application for Kent State to get my MA in Biology (limnology).  I am going the MA route because I really don't have time to work on a thesis. I guess it would start next year, it seems they only accept new grad students in the fall.

Okay, to work.  I'm gonna try really hard not to be a crazy bitch today.  Really hard.

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