Thursday, August 5, 2010

I fought the law but the law won't stop for the love of god

Another day at work.  J is back from his suspension, and still sick as a dog so if I get sick or Asher gets sick I will formally beat him senseless.  Jerk.  It's why we get sick time, take it off and stay home, don't make the rest of us sick, too. 

I don't feel like writing about cali today.  Sorry. 

Jen coming over tonight, we are going to try our hands at making california rolls.  good luck us...but with our track record, we might have california lumps.  oh well.

ry is working his three days off, and not even getting off early.  Fuck you, walmart.  Fuck you.  If he doesn't get this job I swear that I will pay more and shop elsewhere and you can go fuck yourself.

I'm a little angsty today. It's just that Ryan has spent exactly 17 minutes with asher in the last 4 days.  Fuck this shit.

Anyway...overtime shift tomorrow so i probably won't write until the afternoon, not that the internets cares.

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