Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If I tried to get away, how long until I'm free

So...unless I do it myself (which i just might) I won't have pics to upload until later this week or next perhaps. 

So...let's see.  I'm gonna skip around.  We went to Monterey Bay Aquarium with Ann and Athena.  The traffic there was not so bad, we drove through Salinas and saw where all of our yummy out of season fruit comes from.  Lots of sad Mexican workers doing work Americans are too lazy to do.  It really is hard work that no one here would be willing to do for the pay that it comes with.  Anyway, got to the bay area and ate at the Monterey Bay Brewing Company which was pretty yummy.  I had a good portabella burger and some awesome Gilroy garlic fries and veggie gratin (I'm gonna try to reproduce that recipe...wish me luck).  Then on to the aquarium. 

Did I mention the valet parking garage we parked in for $20.00?  They parked our cars on hydrolic ramps.  It was cool. 

Anyway...the aquarium was super crowded and cost 29.95 a person.  thank goodness asher is not 2 yet, he got in free.  But...the aquarium was super awesome and the kids had a great time.  So, it was worth it.  Some day I'll have pics to post from it. 

Now, on the way back, we hit rush hour traffic, which should be called rush three hour traffic.  We seriously sat on 1 for like an hour before we even got to 17.  It took us forever to get home with an upset and already napped up baby.  Oh well, it happens.  I did find out that Athena can be hynotized with Bob Marley. Must be her Jamacian roots. 

Anyway...more later on. 

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