Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll walk right through the door

So, two day algae workshop on Gibraltar Island in Lake Erie was Kick Ass!  I had a good time, met some pretty good people to know (in the water business) and learned a decent amount.  I also went bar hopping for the first time in my life with the Prof, Sampson, Hopkins, Triple bypass lady killer and Mustachio.  We went to teh world's longest bar where I did an acutal jello "shot".  I kid you not, it came in a giant plastic hypodermic needle.  Bascially I drank and drank with the boys, just trying to keep up. 

Then Sampson started hitting on me.  And I didn't realize it.  And then he asked me for my facebook (which I didn't give him but said I would) and I still didn't realize he was hitting on me.  Then he started touching me, like a little nudge or push or grabbing my shoulders quickly.  And since I was drinking and I've never really had the experience with that kind of thing anyway, I still didn't know he was hitting on me, we were having some great conversation. 

Then, once the water taxi was gonna stop running so we had to get beer and go back to the island (or sleep on the streets of put in bay) we did just that and drank in the gazebo.  And then he started rubbing my back and putting his arm around my back.  Then I got it and went to bed.  And the next day he wouldn't talk to me at all, he avoided me, and this island is only really like 6 acres large and it's not like we had a huge buffer.  I totally didn't even realize he was mad at me at first and then i didn't know why but then i thought about it and now I know.  He was only 23, that's my brother's age!  And he really isn't my type anyway, a little too jock-ish for me.  But I thought, hey a new friend.  And he thought..hey, I could hit that.  Oh well.

Here is a run down of where we went bar crawling: Beer Barrel, Mojito bay (it was a giant flamable tiki hut with swings at teh bar and sand all over and inside my shoes), the cresent lounge, roundhouse, and then the Gibraltar gazebo. 

Good times.  I also spent a whole lot of time on a mother fucking boat.  We drove two hours to get to Miller's Ferry.  Then we rode the ferry.  then we took a taxi to the Stone Labs bldg.  Then we took a Stone labs boat to Gibraltar Island.  then we took a boat on Lake Erie to get microcystin samples.  Then we did the whole thing in reverse.  Lots of boats. 

I'm super excited about algae mgmt now, too.  I'm such a geek. Here's a picture of a boat house on the island taken from a boat.

PS. names have been changed to protect the innocent!

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  1. That is great! At least everything except for the a-hole. Mary and I went to all of those watering holes and Heineman's Winery and some local's house. They were walking down the road by the winery when we left it at 10 AM and I said "Need a ride?" Sure enough...