Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we can run to anyplace day or night across this state

so, internet is down at work for past two days making it difficult for me to update my blog. had to resort to typing it on my phone. I had a blog all written for yesterday, I wrote it in microsoft word and saved it so when the interwebs went back up I could post it but...still no interwebs.

had another pretty depressed day again yesterday. ry was home last night and that made it a little better. I feel like a delicate flower who is hard to keep alive, you know, like you forget one day to water it or you over water it and *poof* its dead. I mean not that extreme but you know what I mean, right?

I am supposed to be working on a list of five things I like about myself to improve my self esteem. I have 1 and a half. my one is that I'm a gamer, I'm pretty proud about that. the half is that, although I'm really not good at it very much I do love baking and when something turns out well I am pretty satisfied, even when I don't eat it.

hmmm.....I am really using music a lot lately, its making me able to not think and that's really for the best. and music rocks. I'm currently in love with the band dommin. oh yes, even with the yankee.

well, its a pain writing on my phone so until we meet again.

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