Friday, August 6, 2010

It's so awesome that you came here, and I wanna give you some love

So...what else about California?  Wine tasting in Sonoma Valley?  Okay, you talked me into it. There was absolutely no pictures taken here, btw, even though we did have a camera.  I think it's because there were no babies, Ryan watched asher and Athena went to day care.  Which she retaliated the whole night for afterwards in case you wanted to know. 

man, we had fun.  It was a long ass drive there adn we passed a road being constructed out of, i kid you not, foam blocks.  Anyway, once we got there the wineries were everywhere.  I mean, we walked from one winery to the next in some places.  We found this pretty awesome woman at i think it was called paradise or pleasant or something family winery.  She was awesome, her name was Annette.  And they had the best, most kick ass dessert wine there, too, Ode de Joy.  Anyway, she talked to us for a while and i got pretty inebraited by the time we left, and that was just our third stop.  All the wineries we stopped at are documetned on my foursquare account, Ann and I started using it that day just for the wineries.  it was fun, JJ drove us and she kept saying "don't forget to check in".  Good times. 

Annette told us to try this restaraunt called the girl and the fig, so we did.  it was pretty expensive and fine dining but pretty tasty, too. 

Anyway, lots more wine tasting ensued after that but we didn't really find anythign we were in love wiht, we found out that Sonoma wines are all pretty dry because the valley gets too hot, we need to stick to the coastal areas where the weather is cooler to get sweeter wines.  We still got pretty inebriated and had a good time, though. 

Sorry this is rushed, i'm at work and I need to go...I'm being a bad ranger.

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