Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

Pics from vacation.  Let me just tell you, to get this sweatshirt I'm wearing now was a huge fiasco.  I wanted a particular sweatshirt (a black sweatshirt with the california flag on it that says Santa Cruz.  So, we found one but it was 40 bucks so Jason said we could probably find it cheaper on the wharf.  So we went all the way down the boardwalk and to the end of the wharf and not one other store had it.  Then, JJ wanted to step in the ocean so I ran up and down the boardwalk while her and the babies checked out the ocean.  And when I said ran, i mean ran.  No where had it.  I made it back to the shop I originally found it in for 40 bucks but they onlyhad it in small when I checked.  Now, mind you I was ready to give up much earlier but Ryan pushed me on.  Finally I had already given up but i found one more shop next to our parking area (parking was 11 bucks at the boardwalk!) a surf shop, and they had it!  For $40.  oh well. I got it.  and a pretty okay story, too.

here's the pics

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  1. Post a picture of it, Wanna see the results of this epic rundown!