Monday, July 26, 2010

I could never be famous, not with this smile

Howdy and hello from sunny california.  So far so good. Time change is the hardest to acclimate to but we seem to be doing pretty good.  Went to Gilroy Garlic Festival.  Got stuck in crappy horrible traffic on the way. My advice is to not follow any routes suggested by the California Dept of Transportation.  Festival was super crowded.   Had a clown tell me that I had a beautiful and delicate tattoo.  He was nice and not really creepy even with this comment.  Ate excellent garlic fries and bread and garlic corn on the cob.  We also discovered that Athena really likes garlic fries.  Yet another weapon in Jason and Ann's war for feeding Athena.  Asher of course likes everything. 

I'll post some pictures soon, I promise. 

Anyway...going to Santa, I meant Santa Cruz.  Lost Boys in the house!  And we will check out a bunch of awesome Redwoods again.  More pictures I'll post later.  I'm super excited, you know my love of lost boys.  I'm a sap.  In fact, I'll suggest you listen to Cry little sister by Ventana when you read my next post.

Babies are attacking, I'll talk to you later.

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