Sunday, July 18, 2010

I wish I knew right from the start

So, i had a pretty great weekend after i got over the fact that Walmart hates ryan.   and me by proxy.  Anyway...

Friday went with The Vic to see Birthday massacre and Ventana.  ROCK!  What an awesome show.  It was soooo hot, though.  I almost passed out and i never pass out.  I almost threw up, too, it was so hot, but I didn't and I'm better for it.  And the show was worth it, I can't wait for their new album, it's going to be excellent, I can tell.

Then on Saturday went to Hudson Wine fest with JJ, her mom, martin and Asher.  He was so hot, his little face was red.  We had to go inside to eat so we could get him out of the heat.  But I think he had a fun time and it was nice to get out with some peoples.   Thanks JJ for being our designated driver!

And I'm working now but today is my fam reunion so I am super excited about that, too!

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