Sunday, July 4, 2010

We know how to get down in this city

Mmmm....I'm tired. First day of first shift.  Asher did not appreciate being woken up and dragged in the car first thing this morning, either. 

Happy Birthday America.  Hope that goes well for you.

Didn't get to see fireworks again this year, Asher kept falling asleep before it was time to go see them.  Oh well, guess it's tough to be a 1 year old. 

Yea!  Today is sweet potato fries for lunch day.  Holla.

Asher and Lydia had fun playing together last night.  Here's some pics.

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  1. I got gipped on sweet potato fries. Some stupid Sunday breakfast ritual of serving breakfast until 12:30. I had to order eggs! I didn't want eggs. I wanted my ritual sweet potato fries and and a BLT. IS NOTHING SACRED?