Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're falling apart at half time, dance, dance, cause these are the lives we chose to lead

Uneventful day, really.  I was busy at work, thus the late post.  Nothing too eventful.  Did I mention yesterday that Ryan got a speeding ticket after his horrible day?  Just icing on the cake, right.  Poor Ry.  I wish I knew how to help him.  I just don't.  Someone needs to buy the condo, that would help. 

Looking forward to everyone coming over and hanging out for the 4th tomorrow.  Still have to go shopping, I havne't bought any food for it yet.  Plus I have to clean the yard still.  Oh well, should still be fun. 

Can't belive how fast teh summer is going.  It's just flying by. 

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