Thursday, April 28, 2011

She held a red apple up to my lips

Back to work.  Already my bloodpressure is probably through the roof.  Why can't things be, I don't know, normal?  Like, run like a normal place should be run? 

I'm getting a free health screening (via the city) today so I guess we will see.  They offer these a few times a year and usually I never go but since all the stuff with Katya's mom is happening it makes me a little nervous, so I'll go get my cholesterol scores and my other stuff done.  And it gets me away from here for a little while, which is nice.

New date for backyard opener: May 14th. Cool?

The flowers on my desk are dead.  It's a little sad.


  1. Cool.

    I like your new layout. I might get one of those kinds of trees for my backyard - I just need to assess how it looks after spring and what sort of mess it makes.

  2. I took this picture! It's a crabapple tree. They don't have very much mess, we had one in our yard growing up and they are always beautiful. They turn a pretty deep red color in the fall. Nice trees. Very small fruits.