Sunday, April 3, 2011

Repeat the words that I know we both said

A nice weekend overall. 

I need to lose about 10 pounds.  I wish I didn't like food so much.

I really don't feel like writing right now.  No one reads my Sunday posts anyway, you guys are all out having a life while I'm toiling away keeping the water safe.  And I say, good for you.  I'd be there, too, if I didn't have to work.

We did have a car drive into the reservoir on Friday morning.  Why do I always miss the cool stuff?  Maybe that's a good thing.  I also want to point out what freaking amazing journalistic investigation went on for that article.  Truly, this should win the newspaper awesomeness award for professionalism and journalistic hard work or whatever you get when you write new articles that a 9 year old writing for his school paper could out-write. 

I couldn't embed the official music video of this song because Warner Bros are a bunch of stingy bitches.  Or something, maybe they are completely nice people and have a good reason. Either way, who cares.


  1. Did they look in the trunk for bodies? That would have been my first on the To Do List...but maybe that's because I watched too much tv in the past.

  2. I totally wish someone would have left a comment on the RecordPub site "It was me, I pushed the car into the reservoir." Then we really wouldn't need journalists at all anymore.

    I read your blog on Sunday. I wish you blogged Friday and Saturday too. Not everyone is out living a life!

    Hey look I have my own Google ID now.