Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oldschool SInema's Zombie Walk Lakewood Ohio

Dave, JJ and I all dressed up as zombies yesterday and went to our very first Zombie Walk in Lakewood.  Good times.  Here are some things I learned about zombie walks:

-Arriving on time is a bad idea.  It says from x to x, it means that zombie walk might start an hour before the end x time but probably not even then...Either way, we got to see a lot of people's costumes and drink.

-I am not willing to spend the amount of money it would cost me to get trashed at 12 pm.  I had a shot and two drinks and wasn't even feeling buzzed. 

-Some people are awesome and people suck.  Zombies are no different. Same goes with intellegence. 

-Zombies are difficult to herd.

Here's a bunch of photos from the event.  Overall, it was pretty kick ass fun, I wish I could have talked more of my friends into going.  By the way, our make up was all done by Dave.  I think we had some pretty awesome makeup, better than some of the makeup done by the professionals.  We were very flaky and gross looking zombies.  Good times.

Would we go again?  For sure.  Where else can you go, get dressed up like a bunch of undead and creep out an entire community?  I mean, Lakewood had no idea we were coming.  They were blindsided.  If this were a real zombipocalypse they would have been gonners for sure.  We are just doing our part to prepare them for the coming undead scourge.
We zombie 3, enjoying a drink

Zombie patio.  There were people on the fire escapes of the surrounding buildings catcalling us.


Doubtful zombie questions your sincerity

Hulk Zombies?

We know where to find the brains...

Awesome costume, wrong location?  Maybe he was on his way to the organ grinders ball later that night?

Always prepared, even as a flesheater.

Better watch out, albino zombie found an axe. 

What else can I say except the nurse had a needle sticking in her forehead. 

This guy wins for best performance.

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