Saturday, April 23, 2011

What happened, a true account

Oh, that title is a tease and a half and it will not be recognized in this blog.  Cause the story isn't that interesting but here you go.

So, Monday we both played hookey from work to take Asher to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs (which he loved more than anything else ever, he told me).  We had to play hookey, we didn't have a babysitter that day.  I guess we didn't both have to take off but we thought we'd made a day of it.  We ate at Tea Noodle Shop in Little Italy and then came home.  It was a good day, even if it never stopped raining and it was really cold. 

I come back to work on Tuesday and I should have known right away when the windows to my office were completely fogged up and running with water.  I go in and the smell is horrendous. The carpeting is soaked and I am told not to turn on my computer because everything was either under water (the surge protecter, which didn't even turn off even when submerged in water) or way too humid to work.  They fix the heater in my office and turn it on, crack the door (it's still raining all this week pretty much so the humidity is 100% inside my office and 100% outside my office, too.  Then they bring in this giant blower and pull up a small section of the carpet, like the blower is gonna blow the whole room dry by blowing into a corner and then under the crack.  Stupid. 

All week I have a soaking wet carpet in my office.  Which at first started out smelling really bad of formahyde but now smells like a formalhyde preserved swamp.  And no one will fix my office because we have so many other problems. 

Why was my office flooded, you might ask? Oh, because someone cut the wrong line and then they couldn't get the valve to turn off when the torrent of water rushed into my office.  Dumb.  The best part is all the joking and teasing I'm getting every time I ask for someone to come take care of my office.  "you work at a water plant and you can't handle a bit of a wet office?"  yeah, if it was your office you would have gotten someone to take care of it already.  But since it's mine you think it's funny.  Jerks.

That's the skinny.  I still have a half wet carpet in my office, a large blower blowing air ridiculously loud all day long with a small section of it pulled up in the corner.  Awesome.  

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