Friday, April 15, 2011

I remember always and I remember I was such a fright

This is my make up blog for missing out on Thurs. I worked  a double and was pretty productive at work.  I did the dam inspection (minus the insides part, I had a mini-panic attack the night before and decided that the guys could suck it, I'd do everything except the parts that made me cry like a little girl withdrawing from her favorite designer drugs.) at EB and it went well.  It was a really nice day for it, too.  Couldn't find all the damn piezometers though...(see what I did there?  Did you see?)  Anyway, puns aside. 

I'm currently sitting here with Asher on my lap (he just jumped to the floor to retrieve his poptart) trying to get him to listen to new music.  So far he likes some Ting Tings, two Ke$ha songs and one Family Force 5 song (by like I mean he's tolerating them which is more than we have had before).  We ordered him a baby mp3 player for Easter but I think we are going to give it to him the minute we get it, we are so tired of Zombie song and I Like That.  After lots of deliberation and a mini-meltdown from Ry, we decided to get this one.  We were gonna get the larger memory one but apparently that one causes cancer in California and since we are going there soon we figured we wouldn't risk it.  But go figure, the smaller one doesn't.  And it takes an SD card so no problemo, right?  Right.  We considered all the ones we could find, there are very few companies that make actual baby mp3 players that you can put music into.  A lot of them are just like, hey here is 12 little kid songs have fun with that. Asher is much more picky that that. 

And then you have the SweetPea, apparently the $70 cream of the crop.  Now, it might be really really nice but $70?  That's how much my mp3 player cost.  And it has 8 gigs.  This one has 2.  Yes, it's probably pretty baby proof but most of these products are eventually gonna break, you are giving it to a professional demolition team of one.  It's his job to break it.  That's why eventually we went with the $24 one.  Cause if he breaks it, it's cheap to replace. 

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