Thursday, April 21, 2011

Someone's got the answers but you know it ain't gonna be me now.

Sorry, I know I missed yesterday.  Did you guys even notice?  I don't really have the time to be writing to you now even but I didn't want to fall off the wagon too far.  I'll try to write tomorrow to make up for it but it's Easter weekend so we will be super duper busy visiting and coloring and hiding/finding eggs and eating so...we will see. 

My office smells like a formaldyhde preserved swamp.  It's awesome. 

Such a busy week.  I'm glad today is my friday.  Bubble tea tomorrow.  Can't wait. I can't get anything done at work today and I have about a million things to do.  It's killing  me.  Maybe I'll make a new goals sheet just so I can acomplish something.

I have to go.  I don't even have time for breaks today.  Really, I'm not that important.  For real.


  1. I noticed you were gone. I was like "WTF is up with the water in Jessi's office?!" I'm not sure I will ever find out...anonymously, at least.

  2. Me too...about the wondering where the water came from. I would be busting balls. I'm pretty sure some health code would be violated, also if water were in my office.