Monday, April 25, 2011

I pity the fool who falls in love with you

Finally Easter is over and we can go on with our lives as normal again.  Perhaps.  Last night on our walk (inbetween rain droplets) I wrote a movie I like to call "Jesus Christ, Graverobbed!" I think the name pretty much sums up most of the movie.  Basically it was all a hoax Oceans 11 style where Jesus's body was graverobbed to make everyone a believer.  Those silly apostles, graverobbing.  I'd make it all cool like Oceans 11, only biblical times.  It'd rock.  I think there aught to be some paganism Easter rituals in it, too, you know, for the ladies.  Ry told me that people would blow me up if I ever made this movie.  It makes me want to make it some more. What'd be really cool is if it was also kinda done Weekend at Bernies style, too.  Oceans 11 meets Weekend at Bernies meets Easter Service.  It'd be super awesome.  You know it.

I'm feeling oddly creative lately, I started writing another book (though I never finished my first one).  I wrote the outline and the basic premise down, as well as drew the outline of the main building it's going to take place in.  I won't be posting it on here, btw.  It's urban fantasy.  I don't know if I can write good sex scenes, but damn, I'm gonna try. 


I've also been reading a lot of ecchi and just plain smut comics online, too.  I'm addicted.  I can't help it.  Thank you manga fox.  Thank you.

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