Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We know of an ancient radiation

Is it bad that my boss can make me upset within the first five minutes of my shift?  Or should I just call that a normal day?

Someone commented on my facebook that all these drafts I've been writing for the EPA is similar to being in high school.  Well, my job is similar to being in high school.  Maybe I should have just stuck with my original dream to become a high school science teacher.  I still have dreams.  What's sad is that I probably make equal to or more than a high school science teacher makes right now.  I don't really care about the money, though.  I would have been a pretty cool science teacher, maybe...  Maybe I still could.  Meh..I don't know. 

But the drama at work?  Just like high school.  Only I get paid to go through it, which makes it better than high school, a little. 

Anything else?  I shouldn't have told you guys the story about the flooded office, it was much more interesting when you didn't know all the mundane details.  I'll remember that for next time something vaguely interesting happens to me. I need to keep an air of mystery so you still think I'm cool and interesting. 

Oh, backyard party update:  May 7th is our grand re-opening of our firepit.  You are all invited.  Nothing fancy, maybe smores or hot dogs and probably alcohol. Oh, and fire.  Weather permitting, of course. See you there?


  1. Me and Britt got a date that night. You'll have to just talk about us.

  2. Oh no! What if we did it friday night instead?