Monday, April 4, 2011

Got this microphone and you know that I ain't gonna fool ya

Made homemade pizza and carrot cake last night.  I never knew how much carrot cake was actually carrots.  It's like, half a half.  2 cups of flour, 2 cups of shredded carrots.  So, I used a recipe from Alton Brown and tried to change the ingredients (subbing maple syrup for sugar and applesauce for eggs, soy milk for yogurt) and it turned out tasting super awesome.  Only problem, well, I overcooked it.  His recipe called for one 9 inch cake pan, I made two 8 inch rounds.  I dropped 25 minutes off cook time but it's still a little chewy.  Maybe it's some of the ingredient changes?  I dunno but I'm gonna try it again, making muffins this time.  I'm gonna figure out some faux cream cheese recipe and pipe it into the middle of the muffins.  It's my next baking goal.  The taste is spot on, though.  Very good. 

I love making home made pizza, too.  It's probably a lot more healthy than the shop bought pizza and I can put anything I want on it.  I made two pizzas last night, mush, black olive and almonds, and one without almonds for Asher.  So good. 

Our house guest comes back today. 

It's supposed to rain today. I'm looking forward to it, actually.  Seems like a good day for it. 

I'm on a warpath, too.  Goddamned deer ate all 50 of my tulips.  It's on, deer.  I'm buying an electric fence (maybe).  Let's dance.  I need an old lady to just stand out there and hit deer with a post every time they get close to my yard.  I can see it now, a cute little gray-hair shaking her stick at large ungulates who weigh more than she does, "Back!  Back you damned deer!", chasing them with everything she has to protect my delicate flowers and garden.  She'd be after the stupid rabbits, too.  I'm gonna call her the Gertie-bomb.  I'm gonna drop a Gertie-bomb on you stupid herbivores. 

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