Thursday, March 17, 2011

You think you've got it all worked out

I heard from my friend in Japan yesterday.  What a relief.  She and her family are fine, scared and shaken but fine.  I haven't checked the news yet but hopefully nothing worse has happend overnight.  Well, it would have been daytime there but you know what I mean.

Had a meeting about nothing yesterday, I think it was supposed to give us moral and make us feel better but our boss's boss told us he didn't expect any of us to have moral right now and he could understand why we didn't.

I'm so glad today is Thursday.  Even though I only worked 3 days this week it feels like it's been a long week.  It really has.  Blarg. 

oh, and happy saint patty's day.  I've never really celebrated and will continue to not celebrate today.  I'm just not a big green beer fan I guess.

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