Monday, March 7, 2011

On the ground, raining down...the drain. And the record's skipping.

NASA found evidence of alien life.  How cool is that? Well, maybe found it, maybe it's a hoax.'s still cool in my book. 

So, we are going to redo the basement I think, since we will probably have to rip the paneling off the walls to reseal the basement.  I want to put in a comfy book nook.  I'm taking suggestions of cool things to do with the basement.  Anyone have any? 

Flood water is still pretty high around work.  Maybe if it stops raining long enough I can actually find the road again.  Two middle aged men, under dressed for the situation, were kayaking the river yesterday (which is stupid and deadly in itself with the water so cold and so high) stealing wood by collecting it from drifts and floating it behind their kayak.  I guess it isn't really stealing but it is trespassing and pretty freaking stupid.  Is some nice free lumber really worth hypothermia, frostbite or death?

Here's a video of the awesome churning water action in the river right now.  It's kind of crazy.

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  1. Are you sealing from the inside? You should consider sealing from the outside, and checking your drainage, if there is any. If you seal the inside you're allowing water to seep through your foundation, just keeping it away from your drywall. That ain't right. I like your big open suggestions there.