Thursday, March 10, 2011

It doesn't matter where they touch you

Overwhelmed with things today.  It's actually a good feeling. Like I'm being productive.

How do you know if someone respects you as a person?  I wonder.  Sometimes people leave me feeling flat, just kinda 'eh' and confused. 

Other than that, things are just peachy.  Water in the basement again.  we are up to 2 inches when I left this morning.  So that's gonna rock.  Ah, basement, we need to come to an agreement.  Seriously.  Water stays on the outside! Well, not in my house.  Maybe I should install a basement in-ground pool?

1 comment:

  1. You should totally install a basement in-ground pool with a swim up tiki bar! :)

    The respect thing? I think honesty plays a big part in respect. If you are honest to someone, they will more than likely respect you. As long as they aren't close-minded. I don't know how to deal with close-minded people. Usually I wouldn't care if they respected me.