Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This song may be particularlly good for the youngsters

I'm feeling crappy again today.  I couldn't call off again since I had already used two days, a third would require a dr's note which I am not going to waste health care professional time obtaining.  I know they will just tell me to get some rest, it's a cold.  Or a sinus infection.  Same difference to me, being that the treatment for both is to rest and drink lots of fluids. 

Anyway.  Made homemade rolls yesterday from scratch.  It was nice.  Relaxing.  There's something about kneading dough.  Also, I zoned out in front of the computer for most of the morning, I really couldn't tell you what I did other than try to write an email in Japanese to my friend in Japan, fail miserably, get the google translator thingy on my igoogle page and then have it write in Japanese for me. 

Then I played 4 hours of dead space 2.  It's so awesome I can't even put it into words.  How awesome it is.  I freaking love it so much that I know I'm not even good enough to have it's babies. 

Came back to work, got in trouble.  Isn't that just the way shit goes down around here?  I'm really glad they missed me so much here. 

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