Sunday, March 6, 2011

I feel the knife going in, I feel like it's not enough to kill me

So, basement is flooding at my house.  The finished side, not the side with the sump pump, of course.  Nope, it's coming in the walls just behind the entertainment area.  So, of course Ry and I dealt with it like civilised adults. 

Nope just kidding, he flipped the fuck out.  Hard core.  Like, balls to the wall flipped out.  Massive angry freak out.  I was like, find your inner calm dude and let's deal with this.  Put on your coping hat and grab the freaking shop-vac.  It's really not something to flip out over, you know?  It happens. 

Ryan told me it doesn't happen to him.  Well, I told him, now it does, calm the fuck down and deal with it.  You know, zen gardening in soggy carpetting and stuff like that.

A fun fact about new carpeting that gets wet you might not have known.  It smells like cat pee.  I know this because I work in the water industry and our #1 water complaint during flooding events is that their new carpet smells like cat pee when it floods.  It's from a chemical that is used to treat the fibers to keep them all perky and plush and happy to be downtrodden that when combined with water in more than just a little spill smells like your cat just came by and took a steaming piss all over your floor right in front of you to let you know that he doesn't approve of all this flooding in your basement. 

So we are going to have to pull the panelling off the walls once it drys out and re-seal the walls.  Hopefully it's not the floor, too, because I don't really want to re-carpet the basement.  I told him that I know we weren't planning on remodeling the basement just yet but now we are.  I need to find some people to help us move the couches upstairs for now so we can really get going on the basement once it dries out.  Yeeha. 

And flooding at work.  More photos?  these are from thursday, I haven't yet taken the photos from today.  And more snow.  Yes!  Wait, no, I was kidding.  What I meant to say was 'please make it stop' while groveling to the powers that control the weather on my hands and knees in 4 1/2 feet of water going over Ravenna Road right now.  Icy cold 34 degree water.  It's gonna be a good 16 hour shift today.  Wish me luck. 

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  1. It was probably a freak out on the level of Jeanie's birthday party in high school when I peed in the mountain dew bottle and he drank it. I can still feel the pain in my arse after he kicked me there.