Monday, March 21, 2011

Just to be absolutely sure of the facts

I am actually working on two for real blog posts, not just slice of life stuff.  Aren't you proud of me?  I'm not sure when I'll have them done but you'll be the first to know, like usual.

So, Rachel's bday party.  Was awesome.  We went to Claddagh.  Or however you say it.  I think I need more nasal pressure to say it right, honestly.  Ry and I had never been there and so we parked in the completely wrong side of the shopping place and had to walk all around, but the weather was nice so it wasn't so bad, except we were running late.  There is a fence that blocks the restaurant off from the rest of the shopping center that we had to go around, too.  That was just annoying.

Either way, it was lots of fun, just me and my bro, rachel, ry and davey.  Wine was half off if you got a whole bottle so me and the bro split that and dave and ry had Guinness.  Fish and chips for the win! We had a super nice and cute gay guy waiter, too.  Very amusing. 

After we ate we walked around Legacy Village for a while but all the stores we wanted to visit were closed.  We did go to the awesome toy store there and bought Asher dinosaur stuff.  Cause we can't go anywhere and not buy him stuff.

The weather has been so nice the last few days, I'm sad that by Thursday it will be snowing again.  Makes me sad.  Oh well.  Pretty soon I'll be complaining it's too hot.  You just watch.

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