Thursday, March 24, 2011

I wrote this for the three of us

So, I got distracted by actually doing work and forgot to write the blog today.  Sorry about that. 

The pic I posted yesterday rocks my socks off.  I found it thanks to the EX neo-nazi here at work. 

Plans are underway for Zombipocolypse 2011 party!  Tentatively looking at May 6 (can't do it on Cinco de Mayo because most people have to work the next day). 

Zombipocolypse playlist songs (so far):

Johnathan Coltrain, Re:your brain
Horrorpops, Walk like a zombie
Roky Erickson and the Aliens, I walked with the Zombie
Nudist Colony of the Dead
Return of the Loving Dead - Nekromantix
The Priscillas - All My Friends Are Zombies
Koffin Kats - Graveyard Tree
Creature Feature - The Greatest Show Unearthed
Creature Feature - Aim for the head
Voodoo Church - Zombie A go go
Gorillaz - Hip Albatross
Michael Jackson - thriller
zombie girl - The darkness
White Zombie - living dead girl
The Used - wake the dead
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
Cranberries - Zombie
Zombies!Organize! - Zombie Manifesto
Kingston Trio - Zombie Jaboree
Designer Drugs - zombies!
Zach Selwin - Were comin' to kill ya
Sek - living dead beats
Acid bath - pagan love song
Acid Bath - new corpse
Zombina and the Skeletones - nobody likes you when you're dead
Wednesday 13 - I walked with a zombie
Murderdolls - She Was a Teenage Zombie
Zombie Zombie - Driving This Road Until Death Set You Free
This World - Christian Olde Wolbers
The Limousines - Internet killed the video star
Family Force 5 - Wake the Dead 
MC Chris - Mc Chris is dead
Mustard Pimp- Zombie Revenge

So, I obviously don't have all of these songs, anyone have some of these they can add to the playlist?  Also, any I missed?  Always taking new suggestions!


  1. What about May 21? The world is supposed to end that day, yaknow. Might actually need to lead us into a real zombie apocalypse.

    I'll add "Pretend We're Dead" by L7

  2. Oh, I thought that was on the list already, I can't believe I missed it. I also missed Mc Chris is Dead. And Dave says that just because there are zombies in the music video that the Limousines song Internet Killed the Video Star doesn't count. My list so I say it does.

  3. Oh, and I'll be flying to CA on may 21st so that's why not that day...