Sunday, January 30, 2011

Your hands on my face every step of the way

Yes, so, Mallorca

Mallorca was pretty awesome.  It's a very cute little restaurant in Cleveland on E 9th.  I do hate that all parking in Cleveland costs between $5-8.  That's one thing that sucks about going into the cleve. 

So, we met Ry's coworker Joseph and his boyfriend Mike at the restaurant and had a nice double date.  Mallorca is a Portuguese/Spanish restaurant, in case you were wondering.  We started off with a pitcher of Sangria, the first time I had ever had sangria.  It was super yummy, with little pieces of fruit floating around in it.  Awesome.  We got our complimentary bread and Ry ordered an appetizer of frog's legs.  I had never had them before and so I gave them a tentative try.  The only try I will probably ever give them.  It was probably just in my head but they  taste swampy and earthy to me.  And fatty.  I didn't like them, not at all.  

It was super cool.  I am still not sure if we had a waiter or if we shared four waiters.  All the waiters were Hispanic and wore tuxedos.  The matradee ( I think) came out and told us the 100 specials.  Seriously, there were so many specials I couldn't remember them all by the time he was done.  His accent was super awesome, too.  Ryan ordered shrimp stuffed with crab, scallops and shrimp (almost redundant?) and I ordered Lamb Shanks.  Joseph ordered Payaia and Mike ordered Veal Scappolini.  

Our dinners came out and everyone started eating.  I told them to wait, we should be getting rice with veggies.  They were stunned when the next thing we knew, there were three more plates, no platters, on our table, one heaped with saffron rice with peas, one full of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, and the third full of fresh garlic potato chips.  They asked me how I knew that we were getting more and I told them it was on the menu.  I'm so smart, I know how to read.  So, as the waiter brought out the extra food, another waiter dished out rice and veggies and then pulled a lamb shank onto my plate and drizzled it with the sauce for me.  Very fancy.   Seriously there were three shanks that came in my meal.  I barely could finish one.  What huge portions!

Joseph's payaia looked like an alien baby in a dish of rice.  It was pretty much every type of seafood with panchetta and half a lobster, legs and antenna akimbo.  

After we were done eating they came out and boxed stuff up for us and then the fancy matradee guy came back out and poured us all Portuguese Almond Liquor shots.  It was probably some of the smoothest liquor I've ever had. So good.  I wanted more.  It was part of the meal, I think, because we didn't order it or pay for it.  Then we got dessert, Ry and I split strawberry cheesecake and the boys had Amaretto Cake. 

Over all the whole experience was really nice.  Did I mention they had emailed me a 20% off the entire bill (alcohol included)?  So, extra bonus. 

Anyway, some murder by death for you.  I'm currently in love with this band. 

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