Monday, January 17, 2011

We're back where we started, there's no turning around

I have been wanting to be new age-ish lately.  I think that the term is silly, doesn't it act as an umbrella to all things dealing with magic and not science?  Like, astrology and tarot cards and crystals and stuff?  I want to investigate.  To experiment.  I don't know, I think really that I'm kinda crazy and this change in the zodiac just has me thinking on it a lot lately.  Like, how do people determine your fortune?  I'm assuming most people make stuff up as they want but there has to be people who really do put there all into it and use all sorts of things to determine what they say.  People who hold themselves accountable.  I need to find those people and talk to them.  I want to know. 

I checked forcast horoscopes for both my old sign and my new sign today.  Here's the verdict...

Taurus: God will sincerely apologize to the rest of the hemisphere this week, explaining the snowstorms were the only way to prevent you from wearing those awful sandals. Gemini

Gemini: You'll finally start to get calls about that invisible hovercraft you have for sale when the CIA declassifies thousands of previously classified ads.
Okay, fine, those are from, but they were fun.  Here's some real ones I got today:

Taurus: It is the perfect day for you to spend the quality time together with your beloved. If there are some problems, don’t be afraid to discuss them. Openness and your feelings will help to get everything over.

Gemini: Try to calm down and accept what can’t be denied. If there is necessity you should even give up some freedom. Your job now is the most important thing for you.

I feel the need to combine them together and pull out something.  I mean, I feel some similarities to both signs.  So here is what I get when I put them in the blender and pull it out again:

It is calm, spend together accept the perfect down quality for you. Try and time the day.  What are problems if you are denied? Together some should be there even if necessity can't be beloved. Don't be openness afraid them feelings. Your to discuss be your  feelings and afraid to thing over for will everything important get help you.

See?  That makes much more sense. 

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