Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Creepy Haunted House of Burny Carnage

Creepy.  Reminds me of the
movie, The Ring.  Can't you just
see the little girls brushing their hair?

I went sampling with Basil from the lab yesterday.  We had lots of interesting conversation and I got to see his burned down house.  Now I'm sharing with you. 
The light fixtures really fascinated me for some reason

So, Basil bought a house in Southington, Ohio.  It's pretty much the middle of nowhere.  He got a really good deal on it, it was one of those Kiko Auction houses. 

The woman who lost the house (I guess when you stop paying stuff you owe lots of money on then the bank gets to sell it for you and keep the money.  Go figure...) was not happy about the whole proceedings.  So, like any logical person finding themselves in this situation she moved out and went on with her life someplace else. 

The kitchen.  I really like how the walls are bleeding
plastic goo above where the cabinets were.

Oh, wait, I lied.  She burned it down. I think she put the toaster in the sink, something like that.  Now, mind you, I'm not sure if this was ever proven or not but she pretty much told Basil that if he didn't back out of the deal that she would burn the house down, and then the house burned down.  Hmm...strange coincidence, that.

This is the parlor into the bathroom,
I couldn't get the shower head to
show up in the pic for some reason,
lighting I suppose.

 Anyway.  So, this last picture is pretty cool, I was trying to take a picture of the bathroom through the old parlor.  There is no floor in the parlor, though, so I had to do it from the hallway so of course there wasn't enough light to get a good picture.  If you look in this picture there is this copper wiring hanging in the way.  The wire kept moving every time I tried to take the picture, it was pretty creepy now that I think about it.  It wasn't swinging back and forth or anything like that, but when I went to snap the picture, it would move.  Sway a little bit. 

Do you see the crazy freaking zebras in
this picture?

I took about 28 pictures of this house and they are all on my facebook if you'd like to see them.  I am pretty sure this house is haunted.  There are weird spots on the pictures in some places.  Now, if it was junk on my camera (it was raining/snowing that day) it would have stayed in the same place on the pictures, right?  Well, the three balls move around on the pictures.  These are not a good representation because the balls are not on all of these pictures.  So, it's either ghosts, reflections from moisture in the air, crazy refraction from burny pieces in the house, magical disco balls, swamp gas, house spirits, or zebras.  You be the judge.  

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  1. That is pretty freaking cool. Creepy, but cool. It reminds me of something that would happen in a movie.