Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just imagine this title to be the sound of fallout sirens

I'm thinking about the end.  I wonder how it will go down. 

Fallout sirens in songs creep me out.  Just like, and I don't know if this is the same for you or not, but if I hear police sirens in a song I almost always still have to check to make sure I'm not being pulled over. 

I really don't feel too bad today but I woke up with a bit of head congestion and a slightly sratchy throat.  And feeling cloudy. Not bad, not good, just fuzzy and cloudy.  Hopefully it doesn't get worse.

Made some extra large oatmeal raisin cookies for JJ last night. 
Don't those look yummy?  I made half with crasins and half with just raisins.  I was going to make some with white chocolate chips but I am out of them right now so that is what I made.  That's a Nilla Wafer in there to give you a size ratio.  It's a challenge to make really big cookies, if the cookie is too big the outsides burn and the insides are raw.  And as Alton Brown would say, that's not Good Eats.  I'm working on it to create the perfect huge cookie.  I'll have to tweek the recipe a little probably.  Honestly I think these turned out pretty good, they are crispy and chewy at the same time.  It's nice. 

I can't find the beck song I have stuck in my head so take this one, which I like pretty well, as a replacement.  I like most all of Beck pretty well.

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