Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who you running to, would you come running to me?

Today is just a regular post about general stuffs, no fancy stories or anything like that.  I do have some to tell you, but not right now.  I'm planning on writing a couple of the stories from my childhood on, which is a pretty awesome website and podcast, btw, and as I do I'll link them on my fb and on here. 

So, let's see.  This weekend was ups and downs. I did a lot of thinking about myself.  I didn't get my hair done, which was on my list.  I'll still try.  Ry and I semi-fought most of the weekend over stupid shit, I am still not really sure what that was about. 

I did have dinner at my dad's house last night.  He is tearing out the walls in the kitchen so that is a massive mess, but it will look nice when he's done. Ishould have him come do mine next!  Ha.  I need a new roof first.  I was sad last night, though. It is confirmed that my dad, who's been sober for 12 years, is drinking again.  And not just on special occasions.  I'm having a really hard time dealing with this and I really don't feel that I have anyone who I can talk to who really understands except for my brother and he doesn't want to talk about it.  Sorry, anyway...

I'm a little nervous about ry and davey hanging out today, that is still a new development in the making.  What else.  Oh, got semi-good news about my EPA report today!  So, holla on that, right?  I'm not a complete waste of Akron water user's dollars. 

You know, I dare say it's gonna be a pretty good day today.  What do you think?  I'm gonna try my darndest. 


  1. My dad stopped and then started again. He didn't last 12 years inbetween tho. It sucks and it still sucks. They're addicts :(

  2. Thanks, JJ. It's nice to know that I'm not completely alone in this. We should get together soon when you aren't so sick.