Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, we will never die, it should come as no suprise

I'm coming down from a pretty stressful weekend due to some bad news at work that blew over finally.  I really don't want to talk about it any more than that. 

Ry's bday party on Sat was really nice, we had a good time.  Played some scatergories (can someone please tell me why Clowntopia doesn't count as a country? It should!) and creationary, which is pictionary with legos.  It's super fun but there aren't enough legos of each color.  It's acutally much harder than it sounds. 

Sunday we went to Momocho, a modern mexican restaurant in Ohio City.  It was super good and fun.  We went with Ry's friend from work, Joseph, and his boyfriend Mike. 

I'm really not feeling writing today.  My office is so cold my fingers aren't working right and I should probably get back to work anyway...

Music?  Sure.  More zombie themed music?  Of course (maybe....)

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