Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Children spinning around til they fall down, down, down


Sometimes I think people are too critical of others.  Everyone has flaws and faults as we all well know, right?  I think it's a good thing when people try to change themselves and even if they fail, well, they tried, right?  And maybe they will try again.  Perhaps it wasn't the right time in their lives to make that change?  And I agree, some people will just give up, that's just how it is and who they are. Like me, for example.  I try to change, I fail, I try something else, I don't know... I feel I'm in a pretty good place in life right now.  I almost asked you to confirm this but I won't.  I like where my life is right now.  I don't know where I'm going with this. Sorry about that. 

Speaking of life....these bird kills are bothering me.  The Arkansas one on New Years Day, the Louisiana one the next day and now the one in Sweden in addition to the massive fish kill in the river near where the Arkansas birds were found.  I know that these are coincidences.  It just bothers me for some reason.  I mean, I know that these things are not the sign of the coming apocolypse (don't worry, I won't have to turn 30 this year or turn into a zombie or a lich or anything like that, rapture is 3 days before my birthday) but I don't know why I can't stop thinking about them.  My science sense is tingling.  I guess I'm just pretty interested in it, I'd like to see what the actual cause is determined.

Anyway...this post, not so good,eh?  Oh, here, I'll tell you a short story.

So two days ago I was out sampling with Hopkins (the guy I went on the algae trip to Put in Bay with last summer) and we were getting out of the car.  I stepped down on the ground and then I was on the ground, that fast.  I didn't even have time to think about what happened or see the ice before I was half way under the car.  It was like an icy ninja had just taken me completely by suprise with it's crazy kung fu action (I know ninjas don't use kung fu but apparently crazy icy ninjas don't know that).  I accepted my defeat by sitting on the ground for a few breaths before picking myself off the ground granny style and then walking the rest of the way like I was worried about another crazy icy ninja fracturing my fragile hips.  Hopkins was laughing at me, and some lady in the parking lot was laughing at me, too.  It was pretty funny.  Hopkins did make sure to ask me if I was alright before he laughed at me for the better part of five minutes.  Eh, maybe you had to be there.

Music.  I'm feeling...well, believe it or not I'm not feeling zombies today.  Here's your music. 

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