Monday, January 24, 2011

I D.I.E for Y.O.U

Good morning.  I might try to put up another story at today if I have time.  If I do I'll post it on here, too. 

So, yesterday, about having a good day?  Well, even though I slid off the road up north (on Gingrich Rd in Middlefield) and got stuck and had to wait for Doug to come in and save me (embarassing, right?), I still managed to have a pretty good day.  You know, it's funny to me, all these people drive right by me and see me in a ditch.  I'm in a ranger vehicle, so my car is marked, too.  So, who stops to see if I'm okay, do you wonder?  Well, it's not the guys in big trucks (unless you count the plough truck that drove by like five minutes after I slid off the road).  No, it's the families in SUVs and Jeeps and the little old ladies in Toyota Camerys who wouldn't be able to help me anyway.  But, you know, I'm glad the thought was there.  Coincidentially I wound up stuck next to the driveway of an Amish family we deal with on a semiregular basis as they lease property from the City.  They weren't home, though, it being a church day and all. 

But I was pulled out and no one got hurt (not even Renee, the Escape) and things went on and life was good.  The sun even came out yesterday. 

It is like -10 in my office this morning and my fingers are killing me, so I'll talk to you later gaters....

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